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February / March 2017 Fishing Report

February and now into March has produced some exhilarating sport at the fishery.

Mild days have produced some good hatches of insects with plenty of trout surface feeding.
In cooler conditions sinking and intermediate lines, fished with nymphs, mini lures and boobies, have been most productive.

David Snell, of Bovey Tracey, landed a good eight fish bag for 20lb 4oz fishing an Orange Nomad.
Dave Perks, of St. Austell, landed a good five fish bag for 12lb 3oz fishing nymphs.

The largest rainbows of the month were taken by Peter Gibbs, of Callington, and John Twine, of Liskeard.
Both fish weighed in at 3lb 10oz each and we're caught on a Yellow Booby and a blood worm pattern.

January / February 2017 Fishing Report

Milder days have seen a great deal of surface activity at the fishery with trout being caught on or close to the surface with dry flies, buzzers and small nymphs.
In poor weather conditions trout have been deeper with lures producing more sport.

Sean Sibley, of Liskeard, landed the best bag with five rainbows tipping the scales at 13lb 13oz.
Sean's bag was taken on a Cat's Whisker.

Chris Short, of Ilminster, landed the best rainbow at 3lb 14oz which was taken on a Black Nomad.

December 2016 / January 2017 Fishing Report

December and now into January has seen some good sport at the fishery.

On the warmer days hatching insects have produced good surface activity with fish taking dry flies and buzzers.
In wintery conditions weighted nymphs and mini lures have been most effective.

In two visits to the fishery Christine Harris, of Penryn, landed eight rainbows for 18lb 14oz fishing a Damsel Nymph, Minkey and Montana.

November / December 2016 Fishing Report


November and now into December has seen some good sport at the fishery.

A variety of flies and techniques have taken trout.
On the warmer overcast days fish have been feeding close to the surface making floating lines fished with mini lures, nymphs and dries very effective.

Chris Tippett, of Whiddon Down, landed a good six fish bag for 13lb 11oz fishing an Orange Nomad, Daddy Longlegs, Sedge and Humungus.
Richard Colsell, of Newquay, landed a good five fish bag for 11lb 15oz. Richard's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 3lb 9oz and the bag was taken on an olive nymph.

October / November 2016 Fishing Report

Cooler conditions and a drop in water temperature have activated the trout and created some favourable sport.

Some good bags have been taken mainly fishing intermediate lines with mini lures and nymphs.
Keith Ratcliffe, of Exeter, landed a good five dish bag for 11lb 1oz fishing a Yellow Dancer.
Chris Tippet, of Whiddon Down, landed a good five fish bag for 11lb fishing mini lures.
Christine Harris, of Penryn, landed the largest rainbow at 3lb 6oz fishing a Blue Flash Damsel Nymph.

September / October 2016 Fishing Report

Please note - Due to circumstances out of our control at the fishery we no longer have a broadband connection. Anyone wishing to contact the fishery please do so by telephone.

Cooler conditions have seen water temperatures drop and thus more favourable conditions for catching trout.
Some good hatches have produced good dry fly fishing but on the whole intermediate lines fished with wet flies and nymphs have been most productive.

Dr. Roly, of Plymouth, on two consecutive visits landed seven rainbows for 14lb 8oz fishing a yellow dancer and a black and grey spider pattern.
Dr. Roly's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 3lb 4oz.

July / August 2016 Fishing Report

In bright hot conditions a sinking line is a must as fish have been deeper in the lake.
Weighted nymphs, buzzers and mini lures have been the most effective flies at present.

In a Temple v Kennick fly fishing match eighteen anglers landed forty-five Trout.
Darren Penfold, of the Kennick Fly Fishers, landed the best five fish bag at 9 lb 6oz.
John Twine, of Liskeard, fishing for Temple landed the best rainbow of the day weighing 3lb 12oz.
Both Kennick and Temple averaged 2.5 fish per rod but Temple just beat Kennick with a 1lb 15oz average per fish to Kennick's 1lb 14oz average.
A good day was had by all.

Other good fish were caught by Les Brown, of Ilminster, who landed a good 6lb 2oz rainbow on a Humungus and Graham Mason, of Saltash, who landed a good 6lb 5oz rainbow on a pearl buzzer.

June / July 2016 Fishing Report

June/July has seen some good sport at the fishery.

The larger rainbows that have been stocked are proving difficult to catch, but on the whole some reasonable catches have been had.

Ben Wyatt, of Liskeard, landed a good 3lb 5oz brown trout fishing a Cat's Whisker.
Chris Short, of Ilminster, landed 5 rainbows for 10lb 8oz fishing a Dawson's Olive and a Nomad.
Graham Johns, of St. Dennis, landed a good four fish bag for 9lb 12oz on a black Nomad.

May / June 2016 Fishing Report

There has been some excellent sport at the fishery.

On the bright warmer days fish have been deeper in the lake with sinking lines fished with weighted nymphs, lures and boobies being most effective.
On warm overcast days plenty of trout have been surface feeding with floating lines fished with buzzers and nymphs being most effective.

John Twine, of Liskeard, caught the largest rainbow this month so far at 5lb 6oz.
John's five fish bag tipped the scales at 13lb 5oz and was taken on a Yellow Dancer.
Tony Edwards, of Callington, landed a good 3lb 11oz brown trout on a Pink Booby.

April / May 2016 Fishing Report

Some excellent sport has been had at the fishery.
Good hatches of insects have given some superb surface fishing with good bags taken on a variety of flies and techniques.

Dave Richardson, of Launceston, landed a good five fish bag for 11lb 14oz fishing a minky.
Paul Voller, of St. Austell, landed a good six fish bag for 12lb 6oz fishing a goldhead black nymph.
On another visit to the fishery Paul landed a super 6lb 14oz rainbow on a mini cat plus two other rainbows at 4lb.
Peter Hulse, of Bracknell, landed a good 5 lb 4oz rainbow on a Mohawk.
Richard Lister, of Penryn, landed a good 3lb 3oz tagged brown on a Cat's Whisker netting Richard a cash prize.