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September / October 2016 Fishing Report

Please note - Due to circumstances out of our control at the fishery we no longer have a broadband connection. Anyone wishing to contact the fishery please do so by telephone.

Cooler conditions have seen water temperatures drop and thus more favourable conditions for catching trout.
Some good hatches have produced good dry fly fishing but on the whole intermediate lines fished with wet flies and nymphs have been most productive.

Dr. Roly, of Plymouth, on two consecutive visits landed seven rainbows for 14lb 8oz fishing a yellow dancer and a black and grey spider pattern.
Dr. Roly's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 3lb 4oz.

July / August 2016 Fishing Report

In bright hot conditions a sinking line is a must as fish have been deeper in the lake.
Weighted nymphs, buzzers and mini lures have been the most effective flies at present.

In a Temple v Kennick fly fishing match eighteen anglers landed forty-five Trout.
Darren Penfold, of the Kennick Fly Fishers, landed the best five fish bag at 9 lb 6oz.
John Twine, of Liskeard, fishing for Temple landed the best rainbow of the day weighing 3lb 12oz.
Both Kennick and Temple averaged 2.5 fish per rod but Temple just beat Kennick with a 1lb 15oz average per fish to Kennick's 1lb 14oz average.
A good day was had by all.

Other good fish were caught by Les Brown, of Ilminster, who landed a good 6lb 2oz rainbow on a Humungus and Graham Mason, of Saltash, who landed a good 6lb 5oz rainbow on a pearl buzzer.

June / July 2016 Fishing Report

June/July has seen some good sport at the fishery.

The larger rainbows that have been stocked are proving difficult to catch, but on the whole some reasonable catches have been had.

Ben Wyatt, of Liskeard, landed a good 3lb 5oz brown trout fishing a Cat's Whisker.
Chris Short, of Ilminster, landed 5 rainbows for 10lb 8oz fishing a Dawson's Olive and a Nomad.
Graham Johns, of St. Dennis, landed a good four fish bag for 9lb 12oz on a black Nomad.

May / June 2016 Fishing Report

There has been some excellent sport at the fishery.

On the bright warmer days fish have been deeper in the lake with sinking lines fished with weighted nymphs, lures and boobies being most effective.
On warm overcast days plenty of trout have been surface feeding with floating lines fished with buzzers and nymphs being most effective.

John Twine, of Liskeard, caught the largest rainbow this month so far at 5lb 6oz.
John's five fish bag tipped the scales at 13lb 5oz and was taken on a Yellow Dancer.
Tony Edwards, of Callington, landed a good 3lb 11oz brown trout on a Pink Booby.

April / May 2016 Fishing Report

Some excellent sport has been had at the fishery.
Good hatches of insects have given some superb surface fishing with good bags taken on a variety of flies and techniques.

Dave Richardson, of Launceston, landed a good five fish bag for 11lb 14oz fishing a minky.
Paul Voller, of St. Austell, landed a good six fish bag for 12lb 6oz fishing a goldhead black nymph.
On another visit to the fishery Paul landed a super 6lb 14oz rainbow on a mini cat plus two other rainbows at 4lb.
Peter Hulse, of Bracknell, landed a good 5 lb 4oz rainbow on a Mohawk.
Richard Lister, of Penryn, landed a good 3lb 3oz tagged brown on a Cat's Whisker netting Richard a cash prize.

The Temple Fishery Help for Heroes Fundraiser 2016

Graham Johns, of St. Dennis, won the Help for Heroes competition with a five fish bag for 10lb 3oz
Graham's first prize win was a rod donated by Sportfish.

On the day £1,263 was raised for the charity.
Thank you to Alan Thomson for organising the event and to all those who attended and donated.

March / April 2016 Fishing Report

Well respected and liked, my father Royston, sadly passed away in February.
The funeral was well attended by friends and family. Thank you to all those who sent condolences and attended the funeral.
Money raised in donations amounted to £532.60 for Children's Hospice South West and the British Lung Foundation.
He will certainly be missed by all those that frequent the fishery.

March and now into April has seen much improved water quality at the fishery with plenty of trout surface feeding on the hatching spring fly life.
John Twine, of Liskeard, landed a good five fish bag for 11lb 6oz on a Dawson's Olive.
Tony Edwards, of Callington, landed a good seven fish bag for 15lb fishing a lime booby.
Jeremy Goodrum, of Falmouth, landed a superb 6lb 5oz rainbow fishing a Cat's Whisker.

Help4Heroes fly fishing match will be held on 8th May.
Anyone wishing to fish please contact the fishery for information. 01208 821730 / 07787 704966

February / March 2016 Fishing Report

Clearer water conditions at the fishery has led to improved fishing conditions.

Brian Parrott, of Oxford, landed a good 2lb tagged brown netting Brian a £100 cash prize.
Brian's three fish bag weighed 6 lb 8 oz and was taken on an Orange and Lime Stinger.

Terry Cooper, of St. Austell, landed the largest rainbow so far this month at 5 lb 10 oz.
Terry landed a three fish bag for 10 lb 3 oz fishing a a Dawson's Olive and gold head orange lure.

Other good rainbows were taken by Tony Edwards, of Callington, who landed a 5 lb 6 oz fish on a broad winged dry fly and
Neil Barnett, of Bodmin, who landed a 5 lb 5 oz rainbow on a Red Spider.

January / February 2016 Fishing Report

Some coloured water coming from the A30 development has at last been addressed and hopefully the issues have been resolved.

The lakes became coloured with the water runoff which created difficult fishing conditions.
Although at the present the lakes are still somewhat coloured it is hoped that they will soon begin to clear and things will return to normal.

Tony Edwards, of Callington, landed a good 3lb 8oz rainbow fishing a White Nomad.

December 2015 / January 2016 Fishing Report

Poor weather has created somewhat unfavourable fishing conditions.

Those braving the conditions have had some good sport.

Kevin Piper, of Wadebridge, landed a good 3 fish bag for 8lb 3oz fishing a red and black Cat's Whisker.
Kevin's largest rainbow weighed in at 4lb 2oz