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November / December 2015 Fishing Report

November and now into December has seen constant bad weather at the Fishery which has caused the water to colour leading to difficult fishing conditions.
A spell of better weather now in December has allowed the lakes to clear giving better fishing conditions. In coloured conditions the use of bright flies, such as nymphs, lures and boobies, have been most productive.

With clearer water conditions the use of standard patterns has again been successful.
Dave Richardson, of North Hill, landed 4 good rainbows for 8lb 14oz fishing a yellow tailed Damsel Nymph.
Matthew Hodges, of St. Mabyn, landed the largest rainbow of the month so far at 4lb 5oz. Matthew landed another rainbow to give him a good brace of 6lb 8oz.
Both of Matthew's fish were taken on a mini Cat's Whisker.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

October / November 2015 Fishing Report

Temple Fishery has fished very well of late.

Most days have been overcast with fish feeding close to the surface.
In poor conditions such as bright or windy rainy conditions fish have been caught deeper in the Lake.

Dave Richardson, of Launceston, landed a good 4 lb 1 oz rainbow fishing a G.H. Cat's Whisker. Dave's 5 fish bag weighed in at 11 lb 5 oz.
David Snell, of Bovey Tracey, landed a good 3 lb 12 oz brown trout fishing a red and black Terminator. David's 6 fish bag weighed 14 lb.
John Twine, of Liskeard, landed a 3 lb 8 oz brown trout fishing a black and lime Minky. John's 2 fish bag weighed 5 lb 8 oz.

September / October 2015 Fishing Report

Warm overcast days have had some good hatches of insect with plenty of trout surface feeding.

On these days dry flies and buzzers have been most productive.
In cooler brighter conditions fish have been caught deeper in the lake with sinking and intermediate lines being most effective.

The largest trout of the month was caught by Andy Dexter, of Pensilva, at 4 lb 4 oz.
Andy caught a 2 fish bag for 6 lb 4 oz which was taken on a Bibio and and Blue Flash Damsel.

Paul Neild, of Newquay, also landed a good 4 lb 3 oz rainbow fishing a Damsel Nymph.

Chris Short, of Illminster, landed 8 fish for 15 lb 12 oz fishing a Humungus.

August / September 2015 Fishing Report

August month and now into September has seen the fishing improve in the cooler conditions.

Floating, sink tip and intermediate lines fished with small nymphs, buzzers and dries have been most effective with trout feeding closer to the surface.

Roger Rance,of Oxford, landed the largest rainbow at 3lb 12oz. Rogers 5lb 6oz brace was taken on red emergers.
John Twine, of Liskeard, Landed 4 rainbows for 7lb fishing a dry sedge and buzzers. Sport was good for John as he also lost 6 trout one of which was estimated at 5lb plus in weight.

July / August 2015 Fishing Report

July month and now into August the fishing has been productive at Temple.

Wet and cooler conditions have brought fish closer to the surface where they have been actively feeding.
In these conditions anglers have been catching well mainly with floating and intermediate lines fished with mini lures and nymphs.

In a recent fishery match thirteen anglers landed 47 trout.
Chris Bolt, of Exeter, landed the largest rainbow of the month at 4lb 2oz fishing a Damsel Nymph. Chris's 3 fish bag weighed 7lb 10oz.
Christine Harris, of Penryn, landed a good 7 fish bag for 12lb 12oz fishing a Damsel Nymph.

June / July 2015 Fishing Report

Dry and hot conditions in June month and now into July have produced some challenging days at the fishery.

Overcast days have been much more productive than the bright hot days.
Plenty of 2lb plus bags have been caught, however, the larger trout that have been stocked have proved rather more elusive.

Graham Johns, of St. Dennis, landed the largest rainbow so far this month at 3lb 12oz. Graham's 3 fish bag weighed in at 8lb 1oz and was taken on an Olive Buzzer.
John Twine, of Liskeard, landed 4 rainbows for 8lb 8oz fishing a Cat's Whisker and Black Buzzer.
Austin King, of St. Neot, landed 4 rainbows for 8lb 4oz fishing a Hot Head Damsel.
Ashley Vallence, of Holsworthy, landed 5 rainbows for 9lb 8oz also fishing a Damsel Nymph.


May / June 2015 Fishing Report

May and June months have produced some good sport at the fishery.

Warm overcast days have produced good hatches of insect life with plenty of trout surface feeding.
In brighter conditions sinking and intermediate lines have been most effective fished with weighted nymphs and mini lures.

Fernley Tancock, of Launceston, landed the largest rainbow of the month at 6lb 14oz.
Fernley also landed another rainbow weighing in at 2lb both of the fish were caught on an Olive Fritz lure.

Freddy Kent, of Okehampton, landed a good 5 fish bag for 10lb 10oz fishing a Dawsons Olive and a mini blob.

The Temple Fishery Help for Heroes Fundraiser

On Sunday the 10th May a sponsored Fly Fishing Match was held at Temple Trout Fishery in Aid of Help for Heroes Charity.

Ten anglers arrived on a dull windy day bringing with them an amazing £526 in sponsorship money, and had a wonderful days fishing, in all be it trying conditions.

The fishery Manager/owner Julian made us all very welcome and did a fantastic job of preparing and pegging the lake side, also heating and serving the lunch, pasties and quiche followed by fruit tart and cream.

All the prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were donated by local businesses, St Austell Angling Centre, Rodger May Bodmin and Monster Fishing Par Moor.

A raffle was also held, prizes once again having been donated, thanks to all donors, this raised another £48, bringing the total raised to £574:00, a truly fantastic effort was made by all.

Thank you - Alan Thomson

April / May 2015 Fishing Report

Warm overcast days have fished exceptionally well with plenty of trout surface feeding.

Hawthorn flies have started to show and in these favourable conditions floating lines fished with dries, buzzers and small nymphs have been very productive.
In cooler conditions sinking and sink tip lines have been most productive fished with mini lures and weighted nymphs.

The largest rainbow of the month was taken by Ian Smart, of St. Neot.
This fine fish tipped the scales at 5lb 11oz and was taken on a Dawson's Olive. Ian landed an additional two rainbows to give him a total three fish bag of 9lb 14oz.
Andy Dexter, of Pensilva, landed a good 6 fish bag for 13lb 4oz fishing a Blue Flash Damsel Nymph.
Reuben Girling, of West Cornwall, landed a good 9 fish bag for 20llb 1oz on a Dawson's Olive.

The Help For Heroes Charity Match proved to be a great success.
In first place was John Twine, of Liskeard, with a five fish bag for 10lb 9oz.
John won himself a new fishing rod and reel.
The anglers that participated raised a grand total of £574 for the charity.

March 2014 Fishing Report

March month and now into April sport has been very productive at the fishery.

Warm days have seen prolific hatches of buzzers with plenty of good trout surface feeding. In these conditions floating lines fished with buzzers, nymphs and dries have taken some good bags. In poorer conditions intermediate and sinking lines fished with nymphs, mini lures and boobies have caught some good trout.

Graham Angel, of Bodmin, landed a good 12 fish bag for 26lb 4oz fishing buzzers.
Graham's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 5lb 4oz.

Sean Finnegan, of St Mawes, landed a good 5lb 11oz rainbow fishing a black buzzer.
Sean also landed two other rainbows to give him a 10lb 9oz bag.