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Temple Trout Fishery

February / March 2019 Fishing Report

On the settled days sport has been good with fish being caught on flies fished just below the surface.

John Twine, of Liskeard, landed a good six fish bag for 15lb 1oz fishing an Orange and white lure.
Reuben Girling, of Mount Hawke, landed a good five fish bag for 12lb 6oz fishing a Cat's Whisker.
Roger Prout, of Pensilva, landed four rainbows for 9lb 7oz fishing a Cat's Whisker and a Damsel Nymph.

Reuben Girling

Mr Reuben Girling, of Mount Hawke, caught four fish for 9lb 15oz taken on a Cat's Whisker lure.
Reuben's largest fish was 2lb 14oz.

January / February 2019 Fishing Report

Those anglers braving the harsh winter conditions have been rewarded.
Afternoons have seen the most activity as temperatures have risen.

Mrs Harris, of Penryn, landed 3 fish for 5lb 1oz fishing a Damsel Nymph.
Mr Prout, of Pensilva, landed a brace for 3lb 8oz fishing a Blue Flash Damsel and a yellow tail lure.

December 2018 / January 2019 Fishing Report

Happy New Year to all!

On the chilly days much of the sport has been later in the day when temperatures have risen.
Mini lures and weighted nymphs fished with intermediate and sinking lines have been most effective.

Mr. Tussand, of Liskeard, landed a good brace for 3lb 15oz fishing a Pink Blob.
Mr. Richardson, of North Hill, landed a brace for 3lb 12oz fishing a Cat's Whisker.
Mr. Prout, of Pensilva, landed three identical rainbows for 4lb 8oz fishing an olive nymph.

Kind regards, Julian Jones  

November / December 2018 Fishing Report

Those braving the harsh weather conditions have been rewarded.

Floating and intermediate lines fished with mini lures and nymphs have been most productive.

Roger Prout, of Liskeard, landed ten rainbows for 17lb 8oz fishing a Damsel nymph.
Reuben Girling, of Redruth, landed 15 rainbows for 25lb 11oz fishing a Cat's Whisker.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!

October / November 2018 Fishing Report

Cooler conditions in October and now into November has seen improved sport.

On some of the warmer days fish have been surface feeding and can be caught on floating lines fished with dry flies, buzzers and small nymphs.
In less favourable conditions sinking lines with mini lures, weighted nymphs and boobies have been most productive.

R Prout, of Liskeard, landed four rainbows for 7lb fishing a black Hopper, Damsel nymph and orange Tadpole.
S. Munnery, of Liskeard, landed a brown trout of 2lb 11oz on a cat's Whisker Booby.

September / October 2018 Fishing Report

Fishing conditions have improved with the drop in temperature.
However, on the warmer overcast days plenty of trout have been surface feeding and can be caught fishing dries such as hoppers, daddies and sedge.
In less favourable conditions sinking and intermediate lines are more productive fished with nymphs, mini lures and boobies

In an afternoon of sport, G. Poole, of Camelford, landed three rainbows for 5lb 8oz fishing a Zulu
S. Munnery, of Liskeard, landed nine stockies in three visits fishing boobies.

August / September 2018 Fishing Report

Now into September conditions are much more suitable for catching trout

Cooler weather has brought trout closer to the surface with good rises on occasion
Dry flies such as daddies, hoppers and sedge and also buzzers have been most productive

John Twine, of Liskeard, landed four plump stockists fishing a brown snake fly and a buzzer
Alan Horne, of Callington, was playing a trout he estimated to be into double figures, unfortunately Alan's rod snapped and the monster was seen disappearing back into the depths. Alan hooked the trout on an Orange Booby.