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Temple Trout Fishery

July / August 2018 Fishing Report

Throughout the heatwave of July and into August fishing conditions have been difficult.
In these hot temperatures mornings and evenings are most productive and fish have generally been deeper in the lake.
The present wet and cooler conditions have brought fish closer to the surface and on the feed with some days experiencing plenty of surface activity.

Mr. Nankivell, of Plymouth, landed four rainbows for 7lb on a damsel nymph.
Mr. Thomas, of Newquay, landed three rainbows for 5lb 8oz on a montana and orange lure.

Generally the lake is fishing well with plenty of stockies being caught.  

June / July 2018 Fishing Report

June and now into July has seen extremely bright and hot weather.

In these unfavourable conditions fish are deeper in the lake so fishing a sinking line with weighted nymphs and mini lures is the most productive method.
In cooler overcast conditions fish have been surface feeding and can be caught with a floating line fished with buzzers, nymphs and dry flies.

Dave Locke, of Milton Abbot, landed a good four fish bag containing three stockies and a good 4lb 4oz blue trout fishing an Orange Dognobbler deep and slow.  

May / June 2018 Fishing Report

Hot and bright days have put the fish deeper in the lake, in these conditions sinking lines are a must fished with mini lures and nymphs.
On the cooler overcast days floating lines with dry flies, buzzers and nymphs have taken trout. On these days there have been plentiful hatches of insects with plenty of trout surface feeding.

Visiting angler J. Goggin landed a good 3lb rainbow on a nymph.
Local angler Mike Sherry landed five rainbows for 8lb 10oz fishing a mini Cat's Whisker.

April / May 2018 Fishing Report

April and now into May has seen some great sport at the fishery.
Hatches of buzzers and hawthorn have brought trout to the surface where anglers fishing dry flies, buzzers and nymphs have tempted some good trout.

Mr. Puttock, of Wadebridge, landed a good five fish bag for 11lb. The largest rainbow tipped the scales at 3lb 8oz and the bag was taken on a blue flash damsel pattern and buzzers.
Mr. Oram, of Looe, landed a good rainbow also at 3lb 8oz fishing a damsel nymph pattern.

March / April 2018 Fishing Report

At last, spring is here!

Warmer weather conditions are producing some good hatches of insects at the fishery with plenty of trout surface feeding.

Many good bags of trout have been caught on a variety of flies and techniques.
Dave Richardson, of North Hill, and Christine Harris, of Penryn, both caught 3 lb 8 oz rainbows which are the largest trout so far this month
Dave's total bag weight for four fish was 10 lb 4 oz and was taken on a Cat's Whisker.
Christine weighed in six rainbows for 15 lb 4 oz which were taken on a Damsel Nymph
Chris Short, of Ilminster, landed five rainbows for 11 lb 10 oz fishing nymphs.
Dave Johns, of St. Austell, landed five fish for 11 lb 6 oz fishing an Orange Cat. Dave's largest trout tipped the scales at 3 lb 1 oz.

October / November 2017 Fishing Report

October and now into November has seen improved fishing with dropping water temperatures, although fishing has been hampered on some days with harsh weather conditions.

On the warmer days there has been rising trout with fish being caught on floating lines fished with dry flies, buzzers and nymphs.
On the cooler days intermediate and sinking lines have been most effective fished with mini lures and weighted nymphs.

Graham Johns, of St. Austell, landed a good three fish bag for 6lb 15oz caught on an Orange Blob. Graham's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 2lb 11oz.
Ken Mathis , of U.S.A. returned a super approximate 5lb brown trout in a successful afternoons fishing.

September / October 2017 Fishing Report

Water temperatures are dropping and the fishing is improving.

On the warmer days, there are still some good hatches of insects with plenty of trout surface feeding.
Access to the fishery is much improved with the Temple flyover now open.

Some of the larger trout stocked through the summer should be becoming easier to catch with the drop in water temperature and I am expecting some good bags to be weighed in.

Lorraine Flavell, of Wakefield, landed the largest trout so far this month which was a 3lb brown caught on a Cat's Whisker.
Stockies were coming out on a variety of flies and techniques.
Dave Truran, of St. Austell, landed three rainbows for 6lb fishing nymphs and an Orange Blob.
Mr. Edmond, of Falmouth, landed five rainbows for 8lb 8oz fishing a weighted nymph.  

July / August 2017 Fishing Report

The four lanes of the A30 are at last open.
We are, however, still waiting for the long due opening of the Temple Tor flyover which is the fishery's main access point for east bound traffic.

Rob Thomas, of St. Neot, landed a good brace of rainbows for 5lb 8oz fishing a pink lure. Rob's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 4lb.
Paul Haines, of Falmouth, landed a brace of trout for 4lb 4oz which included a nice brown of 2lb 4oz which was taken on a black and green tadpole.

A huge thank you to all our valued customers who braved the A30 roadworks and supported the fishery through this lengthy and difficult process.

June / July 2017 Fishing Report

The cooler overcast days have been most productive at the fishery with floating and intermediate lines being most effective fished with small nymphs.

On two consecutive visits to the fishery, Austin king, of St. Neot, landed nine rainbows for 22lb 12oz fishing Damsel nymphs and dry flies.

Richard Colsell, of Newquay, landed five rainbows for 11lb 9oz fishing a small black nymph. Richard's largest rainbow tipped the scales at 3lb 11oz.

We have been assured that access to the fishery via the Temple flyover will be open for use at the end of the month.