July 2023 Fishing Report

Varying weather conditions have required different fly fishing techniques. 
When hot and bright, a sinking line is recommended as fish have been caught deeper in the lake with boobies,  mini lures and weighted nymphs. 
When dull and overcast fish have been caught close to the surface with buzzers,  mini lures, nymphs and dry flies.

The largest rainbow of the month was taken by Mr Hislop, of Liskeard,  who landed a good 4lb 4oz trout in a three fish bag which was taken on a black and green Taddy.

Mr Dexter, of Liskeard, landed five rainbows for 10lb fishing a Blue Flash Damsel. 

Mr White,  of Liskeard,  landed four rainbows for 9lb fishing a Damsel Nymph. 

Mr Buttle,  of Plymouth,  landed five rainbows for 9lb 4oz on a Cat’s Whisker, Viva and Montana.